AML PEPs and Sanctions Checks

W2’s platform unifies the best available global sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), global watchlist and adverse media data into a single consumable package.

Data sets are updated daily to ensure you have the most up to date information and can not only be used for initial onboarding and ongoing monitoring purposes, but also at point of payment transactions.

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    Global Sanctions Include

    • O.F.A.C (Office of Foreign Assets Control)
    • US Treasury Department
    • HMT (Her Majesty’s Treasury Department – UK)
    • European Union
    • Government of Netherlands National Sanctionlist Terrorism
    • United Nations
    • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions
    • OFSI underneath United Nations
    • French Asset Freeze List
    • Options to include all other global sanctions lists
    Regulatory Compliance Services

    Simplify Your Vendor Management


    With many different sources of PEPs, Sanctioned individuals, adverse media and more, the process of analysing them all can become a tiresome and costly process for your business.

    Since 2011 W2 has been on a mission to aggregate all of those sources in one easy to use access point. Partnering with W2 ensures you can screen and monitor your customers whilst allowing you to focus on value add activities.

    Heads of state and high ranking Government figures around the world.

    All of the above plus:

    • Regional, current and former PEPs.
    • Family members of PEPs.
    • Close associates of PEPs.
    • FATF (Financial Action Task Force) defined PEP categories.

    All of the above plus:

    • A much broader spectrum of civil servants, political party officials, senior members of the police force, city mayors, national NGO officials, political pressure and labour group officials.
    • Global law enforcement wanted lists.
    • Regulatory enforcement actions.
    • Global adverse media.
    • Global sanctions lists.
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