How It Works

W2’s compliance solutions are designed with the end customer in mind. One simple integration provides access to 400+ services.

  • Integrate via API or web portal.
  • Full reporting and analysis dashboard.
  • Ongoing monitoring.
  • Custom workflow creation.

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API Integration

If you are onboarding a high volume of clients, W2’s single API (REST) integration is the most suitable option.

Through this method, your customers can complete an automated onboarding journey without relying on manual intervention. This ensures they receive a positive first impression of your brand and your compliance requirements are fulfilled.

All results of onboarded customers can be viewed, analysed, and exported from W2’s online portal.

W2’s Developer Documentation is designed to make the integration as easy as possible. Examples for all services can be found there, and W2’s Onboarding team will work closely with you to ensure you are set up as soon as possible.

Quick Search

For lower volume transactions, W2’s Quick Search functionality is usually the preferred option.

Users simply login to W2’s online portal and perform checks from within. The portal serves as a central place for all of your compliance needs.

Results of these checks can then be viewed, analysed, and exported from directly within the portal.

Other Integration Methods

SalesForce Widget

Manage your customers’ compliance lifecycle directly within SalesForce CRM. Designed to provide you with a single view of your customer, not just whilst onboarding but throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

This method is available for W2’s Document Verification solutions. The solution can be re-branded and designed to suit your business.

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What Your Customers See

Below is an example account creation form. Your customers would simply need to fill in this basic information to trigger W2’s automated checks in the background and complete a successful onboarding.

What You See

Below is an example for a passed KYC check. Within W2’s portal you can easily review all results and export them for further analysis.

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