W2 Global Data Solutions Ltd.

A Better Way of Supporting our Customers

On Thursday 25th July, we are introducing a new support desk platform to further improve the way that our clients log and track support calls.

This new web based system provides a ticket system for all communications to W2’s helpdesk, which can then be tracked and managed by our dedicated Support Team and the client that created the ticket. When it is made available, we invite all our customers to begin directing any questions / queries / issues to the new help desk (https://support.w2globaldata.com).

Our clients can still contact the support team via e-mail, however we now have the new portal available for raising tickets, viewing existing tickets, and searching for answers in our new knowledge base; a means of providing you with answers to your questions instantaneously.

The introduction of the new support desk solution have been undertaken in order to deliver an enhanced customer experience and improved quality of service.

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