Evolution Of The W2 Platform

I was delighted to be invited onto a webinar with one of W2’s partners Trakti who offer a contract negotiation and management platform integrated in the blockchain. After speaking with Trakti CEO Luigi Telesca on the webinar, it reminded me how much the W2 platform has developed in the 4 years I have been working here, and how the focus has very much shifted from W2 being a compliance data provider to a technology provider.  

In a world of ever-tightening regulations, the requirements for compliance in our arena continues to change so the need for use of an agile platform is essential. What has become clear from working in this industry is that compliance can be complicated, but only if you make it complicated! Having a flexible platform in place that not only offers the ability to customise compliance workflows and customer onboarding journeys but also simplifies this process, is vital to our success.  

I suppose the question to answer is ‘what is a compliance platform and why is it important?’ The W2 platform allows clients to combine several data sources and solutions in one place. It means that users can choose whichever solutions they need from the range of KYC, AML, and Fraud Prevention services offered by W2. The reason this is so important is because every client has a different vision as to how they see these datasets plugging into their customer journey, and therefore will each have a bespoke requirement. Compliance procedures don’t come with a blueprint model which everyone should stick to, but more so it really is up to the client which services work best for them and the platform then supports this need by pulling all of those services together through custom workflows.  Though of course the experienced Customer Success team at W2 are always happy to help where we can and offer any guidance if needed! 

In 2021 and beyond, business success will continue to be based on the ability to provide convenience to customers. In a world where infinite knowledge is available at any time, customers want to be able to access their compliance software in real-time and for the data provided to be meaningful for them. This is where the benefit of having an intuitive platform becomes a huge benefit.  

Not only does the platform allow for instant access to data, but it also means that partners such as Trakti can integrate their solutions into the platform to provide an even smoother and simpler journey for customers. At W2 we strive to help our clients to be as successful by focusing on working in partnership to build mutual trust and help ‘to make the complex simple’. The platform provides this through streamlined collaborative efforts and technology in place which is constantly developing and providing that much needed convenience.  

If you are interested in hearing more about how the W2 Platform can streamline your compliance procedures, you can contact us here

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