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Say NO to Risky Email Addresses

As consumers we’re often told, if you think an email might be fraudulent, delete it … don’t open it … don’t reply to it and most certainly, don’t click on any attachments.

Emails sent at odd times, emails sent with a sense of urgency to respond and the use of unusual grammar or phrases can all be signs of a risky email address, account or sender.

When – as a business – you’re only presented with a ‘new customer’ email address as a part of an on-boarding journey, how can you find out WHO is actually behind that email address?

UACCOUNT on the use of Email Risk Assessment

As consumers, we’re told not to take the bait and act out of panic if email messages are unusually pushy or asking for immediate action.

We’re told of the ‘hover trick’ to verify the sender’s email address and / or website address.

We’re told to find out if a sender is legitimate by searching on the email domain.

All good advice to an email recipient however as a digital marketer or, digitally minded business, you may already have plenty of risky emails in your customer base or marketing lists.

How can you screen your email lists quickly and easily for said ‘risky’ email addresses?

When on-boarding new customers into your business, are you checking every email address presented for any number of different risk factors including how old that particular email address is?

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