Three really is the magic number

Most modern organizations operate in a state of constant competition. In order to maintain your market position, business continuity and high availability of your organization’s products, goods or services is paramount.

The way that businesses handle the effects of a disaster primarily depends on how well they are prepared for it and how quickly any negative impact can be mitigated.

The same approach should be applied to your customers onboarding experience.

To protect your business from unpredicted events – such as system failure or service outages – every modern and forward-thinking organisation has an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

If disaster strikes and the main server or service goes down, the failover server or service then takes over; the transition being completely transparent to the client-side application.

For several years now, W2 clients have been afforded this innovative capability when accessing all THREE of the UK Credit Reference Agencies (CRA); Experian, Equifax & TransUnion.

A very simple process in fact, made all the simpler with the right application of some very advanced technologies.

If your selected primary CRA has an outage – temporarily or planned – your electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) searches will automatically be switched to your secondary provider as to avoid any downtime and disruption to your business.

Such an automatic failover is an option for organizations that need a zero-downtime environment.

If your digital transformation strategy targets online acquisition as being the main channel through which new customers are to be signed up, can you afford to lose the link with your chosen, singular CRA at any time?

If over half of them quit on any given day before they’ve completed the process because you’ve lost said link to the eKYC step within your digital onboarding journey, how can you win those prospects back? They may now be gone forever.

We are talking about “automated” failover – not one that relies on a manual trigger and one that should the failover be activated, the search volumes across each of the THREE CRAs being clearly shown in our new UK eKYC daily alerts service.

A simple choice for our clients … how many of the THREE Credit Reference Agencies do you want to use and in what order?

We’ll then do the rest; maximizing the returns from your customer acquisition strategy, leveraging all THREE CRAs.

Given that our Automatic Failover capability has now become the norm for our clients, do you have such a capability in place today?

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