W2 and Okay Enter Mutual Partnership to Boost Compliance Solutions

W2, a leading provider of regulatory compliance software, has today announced a mutual partnership with Okay, a Norwegian provider of future-proof device security for strong customer authentication (SCA) services.

The mutual referral partnership aims to strengthen the offerings of both businesses due to the complementary nature of their services to various regulated industries. W2 and Okay each have an invaluable focus on the collaborative benefits within the compliance ecosystem, and will use the knowledge gained in each of their individual niche markets to further the benefits of clients and partners. 

Lynsey Hoxha, Head of Channel Partnerships at W2, commented, “I’m really excited to be adding another great partner to W2’s growing partner network. Okay has a clear vision on how they want the partnership to work, and we are excited to learn more about their SCA solution and how we can work strategically to bolster W2 and Okay in the rapidly moving world of compliance.”

Fabien Ignaccolo, CEO of Okay, added, “We are equally excited about this key partnership with W2: both companies are very aligned on partnership mindsets. And with KYC and SCA being so complementary, the partnership should help issuers with a full one-stop shop approach when it comes to compliance.”

About Okay

Okay is a PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication platform that provides all issuers, embedded finance providers, and remittances with future-proof authentication and authorisation security. Through multiple authentication methods, including biometrics and encrypted storage, Okay shields the entire process from any cyber-attacks, even if the transaction device is already compromised. Okay has one goal: to make security frictionless, scalable, and affordable, helping customers simplify their journey to SCA compliance so they can stay ahead of innovative fraudsters without compromising on a great user experience. Dedicated to building a safer space for transactions, Okay’s vision is a world where you can always trust what you sign.

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