W2 becomes a Chwarae Teg FairPlay Employer

As a part of their Agile Nation 2 Business Programme, W2 were awarded the Chwarae Teg Leading Fair Play Employer Award in early 2019; the highest possible award.

Working with Chwarae Teg, W2 were looking to further improve the working environment for all our people.

Chwarae Teg is a UK based charity working in Wales to support the economic development of women as well as helping businesses and organisations like W2 to develop and improve working practices.

More than just workplace improvements however, we were also keen to hear feedback and advice on how we could improve our overall performance through effective recruitment, retention and the development of a diverse workforce.

It was clear to the Senior Management team that the Fair Play Employer Award would also help better position us as an employer of choice in and across South Wales.

So, with that being said, by achieving this award it shows we support equality within W2, giving us the benefit of a balanced workforce.

W2 has and will continue its journey from where this programme left off as we gained an understanding of how our team feel within their employment, what they believe is working and what we need to improve.

By working with Chwarae Teg, it has added value in the sense of utilising employee recognition, performance management and defining W2 through reviewing and updating the Company’s core values.

W2 Becomes A Chwarae Teg FairPlay Employer
W2 Becomes A Chwarae Teg FairPlay Employer

This has also enabled us to demonstrate to our people our transparency and fairness as an employer, highlighting our diverse culture and to encourage them that feedback is always welcome!

Along with improving staff engagement and overall productivity, evidence presented by the training team suggested that we would also reduce staff sickness and attrition as well as save on recruitment costs … their mantra being, the further development of a diverse workforce is the key to increased growth and profitability.

In thanking the Chwarae Teg team for the engagement to date, Warren Russell, W2 CEO commented “Equipping the team with a number of new tools, tips and techniques to ensure we have truly balanced workforce, Chwarae Teg have become a trusted partner of W2. They continue to provide invaluable and ongoing support as we build upon our past successes and also, as they feed into our continuous improvement programme”.

PS. Thanks to the team for the Chwarae Teg website article on W2.

Kloe Rowlands, People Advisor

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