W2 Client Workshops

W2 continually invests in strengthening relationships with our supplier partners and our customers. That is why we launched an on-going program of client workshops.

These are an integral part of our strategy. We host 4 or 5 workshops a year, and they have become an excellent channel for us to share our expertise and provide advice on a wide range of topics. The most recent workshop was held at the Mudlark in London in March.

Focused workshops

We limit the numbers at the workshops (between 15 – 20 people), which encourages more interaction between the speaker(s) and the audience. It also makes it easier to ask questions from the floor.

There is no set script. We know what message we want to get across and allow plenty of time to answer the delegate questions. The primary aim is to listen and facilitate discussions and not to merely broadcast information.

Workshop goals

Starting with lunch, our workshops usually run from 13:00 to 16:30. Each presentation is less than 40-45 minutes to ensure we retain your attention. Our goals are simple:

  • Form a better bond with our clients and partners
  • Educate the client community on topics that are relevant to them
  • Get feedback on what we’re doing well. That way we can act on things we need to change or improve

Variety of topics

Workshops are held in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Topics over the last 12 months include ML & AI in Sanctions Screening, Biometric Technologies, how your Social Footprint is used in ID Verification, Open Banking, the true value of Data Validation and more.

We typically bring in subject matter experts from businesses that we know well such as Experian & Virtusa (Richard Ransom of Virtusa was well received by delegates).

Their expertise adds significant value to the workshops. The results from engaging with our clients ‘up close and personal’ have been tremendous.

Suggest a topic

We also welcome suggestions from clients on potential agenda topics. This way we can arrange future workshops to meet your needs for product, service, industry news and issues.

If YOU want to be involved in the next W2 Client Workshop, please let us know via email at hello@w2globaldata.com

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