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New W2 Status Page goes live

With testing complete, we’ve now launched the W2 Status Page; a new means of keeping our clients informed of service disruptions, planned or possible outages as well as providing retrospectives (also called Root Cause Analyses).

Such publicly facing status page help us further build customer trust and showcase the reliability of our platform with historical up-time and performance timeline of our services.

The aim being, to list any and all issues which may be affecting our customers’ service.

We take our obligations to our client very seriously, and the new W2 Status Page is just one way in which our service and various support offerings reflect this.

In the case of real-time status updates and service-related notifications, we are now asking our clients to subscribe to the new service.

We will be giving a brief rundown of the situation or problem we encounter and state what we are doing to resolve it.

We also keep this page updated as the situation unfolds, giving updates and more information as we get it, on a service by service basis.

We are lessening our reliance on Mailchimp (email) initiated communications and as such, ask that you please subscribe to the new W2 Status Page today.

Please let us know what you think of the service via hello@w2globaldata.com

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