W2 Summer Client Day 2019

W2 hosts its Summer Client Day

Tuesday 2nd July 2019, London UK.

Another successful face to face client workshop comes to an end.

An opportunity to connect with a select number of our key clients your customers – not only were they learning from us … much more importantly, we also got to learn from them. 

During this Summer session, we got to hear what interests them, what worries them and how we can help them more. For me personally, I love sharing ideas, having discussions and learning while doing so.

We’ve always tried to make the sessions both enjoyable and interesting. Doing something above and beyond the typical pattern of training or ‘breakfast briefing’ sessions, there is nothing like discussing information face to face, person to person – one discussion with a lot of people and all at the same time; what are we doing well and what needs to be improved going forward?

Such a workshop not only provides the opportunity to learn something new, to practice, discuss and gather ideas, but an opportunity for the clients themselves to meet new people … a ready-made networking session, without the actual networking!

This time around, we were joined by Martin Woods for a very insightful briefing on Anti-Money Laundering Supply Chains; the laws, the economics, the chains themselves, the risks, the threats and a number of case studies including lessons learned from Wachovia Bank, various Laundromat stories and more recently, the ‘AML weaknesses’ found at Deutsche Bank. The feedback from clients was very positive on the 45-minute session especially when Martin offering his ideas and thoughts on what could or should be done differently in order to stop such situations developing again.

Along with a briefing on our Product Roadmap, an update on our progress towards full ISO 27001 certification and recap on the key points from the previous client workshop held earlier this year, we left an hour-long agenda slot open for the client round-table.

We talked through our Facial Comparison & Document Validation (FCDV) proposition and where we’re different to other players in the market … we talked through our Data Science, Analytics & Reporting programme as it continues to gather steam … we talked through both near and longer term UX improvements already in motion … we talked through pending improvements to our core product offering and the further expansion of our own partnership ecosystem.

We had a good lunch. We drank coffee. We played back our notes, comments and actions to the room full of clients. We took feedback at the end enabling us to capture the best bits of the day to ensure we do more of them next time around.

A good day and one that was enjoyed and valued by all those available to attend.

If you’re interested in attending the next W2 Client Day, please let us know via hello@w2globaldata.com

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