W2’s Partner Network: The Importance of Collaboration

One of the most rewarding aspects of the space we work in is the ability to utilise our networks and collaborate with like-minded businesses to keep the focus on growing the Regtech industry. W2 is on a mission to ensuring that complexity should never be a barrier to business and working alongside our partners within the eco-system of fintech, payments, crypto, and online gambling gives us the best opportunity to achieve this mission.  

The past year has been transformative for businesses across the globe in all industries, but if anything, it has accelerated the need for W2 and our regtech partners’ solutions. The digital revolution continues to grow and the issues that the pandemic has posed has meant we have had to adapt, overcome, and evolve. And we have managed to achieve this with the support and guidance from our partners. 

In the past 12 months, we have added 26 new businesses to our growing Partner Network and this number continues on an upwards trajectory. From the many conversations and meetings (unfortunately all online!) we have had this past year, we have come to the frank realisation that collaboration is the way forward for the industry.  

Gone are the days of companies putting all of the responsibility to grow on themselves. To stand out in this market, your network is guaranteed to be one of the key drivers to growth. Working alongside our regtech partners, W2 has managed to solve many of the problems that our clients and prospects are struggling with, and it has meant that the relationships we have with others in our space have gone from strength to strength.  

Whether that’s inviting experts in the field to talk on panel discussions with us about industry hot topics, monthly catch-up calls to scope out the opportunities and growth areas within the regtech market, or simply an email to ask how things are going. We firmly believe that always being there for our Partners and having that same support from them has empowered W2 to go to the next level.  

We are always on the look-out for like-minded businesses who share the same goals and vision as us. W2 operates in a variety of different markets, so our Partners all have their own offerings which complement what we do, and our market leading technology enables us to go further than simply putting a good word in. Partners are able to integrate their own solutions into our offering to bolster the end product given to clients and prospects.  

If you are interested in joining W2’s Partner Network and dramatically improving the opportunities given to your business, contact us here.

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