Perform realtime ID verification of consumer and corporate customers around the globe with KYCchecker™.

Key Features of KYCchecker™

KYCchecker™ is a highly configurable KYC, Age and Identity verification platform providing real time authentication using a fully integrated API gateway. 

Our proprietary and powerful ‘Interpret’ ‘decision engine enables us to match and score the results from the wide range of data searches available and interpret the results tailored to your own specific requirements.

A comprehensive audit trail capability is available with an intuitive management information dashboard. ‘KYC-mi’

Integral to KYCchecker™ is our SSM (Staged Search Manager) protocol, allowing customisable, progressive execution of the various data sources in a logical sequence that makes the most commercial sense to you. 

SSM applies ‘halt conditions’ and filters to detect and reject suspicious applications at the earliest possible and lowest cost stage in the search process.   

W2 aggregate data from a wide spectrum of suppliers so that you can have a single point of integration to a myriad of data sources and ancillary services providers.

W2 are ‘data agnostic’ so you can choose which service providers you want to access, and in whatever sequence makes the most logical and economic sense to you.