Financial Risk Checks

Satisfy your player protection and safer gambling needs with W2's financial risk solution.

Combine data assets from multiple sources at individual, demographic, and geographic level on a where available basis.

Built to provide as clear a picture as possible without intruding into the customer journey, this solution allows you to gain insight into affordability indicators to protect your players, comply with regulation, and avoid potential fines and reputational damage.


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How W2's Financial Risk Checks Benefits Your Business

Database Locks

API integration for real-time decisioning.

Ongoing monitoring for changes in player circumstances.

Verify declared income without the need for documentation.

Understand previous loan application purpose and amount.

Centralized Management

50+ data indicators from public, third-party, and self declared sources.

Analyse player population with batch database review.

Truly Understand Your Players

Changing regulation along with political, media and public concern means that harm minimisation and player protection is the key issue in the sector. With the gambling act white paper now released, financial risk checking is a key focus of the review. 

W2’s financial risk solution pulls data from three different indicator categories: public, third-party, and self declared.

The first level provides information on publicly available data on your player. It includes indicators such as bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVA), County Court Judgements (CCJ), and more.

Moving into more complex data, this indicator level begins to allow you to paint a better picture of your player. Information includes loan applications in the last 30 days, property flags, income verification, and more.

The final level of data gives the most complex information about the player. Various vulnerability indicators are included alongside reasons for latest loans, monthly income, and more.

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Custom Methods Of Data Consumption

From initial enquiry to go live date, we understand that every business has different requirements when investing in a new solution.

From beginning to end we will work closely with your team to understand your specific needs and develop a custom fit for you. 

This solution can be used through API integration at onboarding, or it can trigger based on specific markers of harm (MOH) such as deposit limits being hit or changes in player behaviour.

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