Know Your Customer (KYC)

Enable frictionless customer onboarding with W2's fully automated global KYC solution available in 160+ countries.

  • Reduce customer drop-offs by offering an efficient and compliant onboarding journey.
  • Maximise your revenue by onboarding more customers.
  • Comply with current and future regulations.

KYC Verification Process

W2’s KYC solution is designed to make your onboarding process as simple as possible. When a customer attempts to sign up to your brand, a KYC check will automatically perform in seconds to verify their identity. 

The check will then either pass, refer, or fail. A pass will successfully onboard the customer, a refer will notify your compliance team to investigate further, and a fail will reject the individual from onboarding. Further checks can also be implemented to those who fail by using services such as W2’s Document Verification.

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Key Benefits

International delivery

Global Coverage – over 160 country and regional data sets available.

worldwide network

Access to multiple global suppliers with thousands of local data sources.

Database Locks

Failover and waterfall options ensuring maximum match rates, with minimum downtime.

Accurate matching to meet global regulatory standards.

Immutable audit trail, reporting and alert remediation.

Available via API integration and web portal access for real-time results.

Future-Proof Compliance

Failing to comply with regulatory requirements can lead to reputational damage, fines, and even suspensions. W2 will give you the tools needed to comply with current and future regulations, the resources needed to simplify the process, and 24/7 support to help whenever you need it.

W2 pulls data from thousands of global data sources, updated in real-time. We know that onboarding is only half of the process; Global watchlists, PEPs, Salacious Names, and Adverse media offer a seamless monitoring process.

Just performing KYC checks within the onboarding journey is not enough to remain fully compliant. W2 offers a full audit trail to ensure that your compliance process will meet regulatory requirements and stand up to audit.

By matching your customer demographics with the ideal data source, W2 will accelerate your global growth plans. The addition of failover enables you to always have access to the best data available.

document verification service

We Solve Your Problems

The compliance process can be complicated, but only if you choose the wrong partners. W2’s team have decades on knowledge in the Regtech space and will be able to work with you to find the best solution, fit for your custom needs. W2’s KYC solution can be integrated via API, SDK, or used within the web portal. We offer technology which is constantly evolving and improving, to ensure you can focus on growing your business.

The Complete Compliance Package

Avoid multiple supply contracts, integrations, and invoices with W2. The W2 Platform is specifically designed to scale with your business and offer a true all-in-one compliance solution. Save the time and resource dealing with multiple providers, let W2 do the work for you.

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