UK Postal Redirect Alert Database
(National Change of Address)

In order to lessen the risk of bogus mortgage, current account, credit card, car finance and other financial services applications it is crucial that organisations have processes in place to flag potentially fraudulent activity by screening them against the NCOA® (National Change of Address) Alert database. To reduce the likelihood of being targeted for such a fraud, housemovers are constantly being reminded to leave no trace at your previous address, making sure that they redirect their mail before they move while contacting all utility firms, banks and employers promptly.

Created solely from Royal Mail ID verified Redirections data of UK residents, the NCOA® Alert file can help businesses identify suspicious activity at the point of an application for a product or service.

The data is highly effective at reducing the risk of fraud and in live trials has demonstrated to significantly reduce the ability for fraudsters to pass through the fraud checking process. Not only is this an effective way to save money, but it is also best practice under KYC and AML compliance; taking the customer’s name and address and returns whether there is an active postal redirect in place.

Case Study: A would-be fraudster adds a redirect to a genuine customer address so that currency purchased is sent to a forwarding address. One leading Foreign Exchange provider now uses the NCOA® Alert reference data to prevent this action.