Identify Who’s Behind an Email Address in Real-Time

It may seem hard to believe but email addresses are often overlooked when it comes to mapping out your various fraud prevention measures. Most companies view the email address as useful for initiatives such as customer notifications and marketing campaigns however, smart companies are increasingly reaping the benefits of using the email address, and the wealth of data that comes along with it, as a key part of their fraud prevention strategy. This approach is called Email Risk Assessment.

Email risk assessment goes beyond basic comparative information and paints a complete picture based on the reputation of the buyer by using IP address, email and other information to validate identity.

Utilizing non-transactional data gives fraud prevention teams additional intelligence to make an educated, fast decision. With this information available as an up-front layer of security, fraud managers are empowered with intelligence for accurate evaluation. Fraud doesn’t just hurt revenues It also impacts good customers who get caught in manual review. Block a fraudster, that’s a one-time loss prevented.

Block a legitimate customer and you risk losing lifetime value. Email risk assessment helps stop fraudsters while approving good customers. With email risk assessment, you can streamline approvals without the friction of asking for additional validation information.

W2 provide intelligent and secure risk assessment with just an email address. We track emails around the world from multiple industries to prevent new fraud tactics. Within a second we provide a Risk Score allowing you to make immediate risk decisions, providing a ‘Risk Score’, quickly and easily. Establish the owners name, when the email address was first seen, location and even photos of the owner.