Louise Hill

Chief Operating Officer, goHenry
From the outset of our working partnership, the strong relationship has been based on trust. We knew that they weren’t offering a solution they couldn’t deliver and wouldn’t make promises that they couldn’t keep. Constant communication through the integration process was key for us. Working closely with W2 throughout the integration process, we began to think differently about how we should approach customer onboarding and how we could get the best out of our platform. With compliance related solutions, I could ill afford to be dazzled by a smoke and mirrors sales pitch. I needed a solution that was actually…

Keith Salmon

Compliance Director, Caxton  FX
With W2 at our side, their flexible workflow capabilities have allowed us to tailor a few financial products that have their own set of policy and regulatory requirements. W2 assisted us all the way through the implementation process and were also keen to understand from us how they might enhance and further develop their product to match our future requirements. In W2, we are confident that we have chosen the right RegTech partner to match our future ambitions.

Phil Seymour

Compliance, Risk & AML Director, Vitesse PSP Ltd
Having known W2 for several years, I have been able to work directly and indirectly with the W2 team on numerous occasions. When the decision was taken to change our Sanction and PEP screening supplier, W2 was an obvious choice to be included in our shortlist of potential suppliers.  When compared with other AML screening solutions, it was an easy decision to select W2 as our new supplier. Benefiting from their single API, the integration was quick and easy; the W2 team and our own IT Department working closely to ensure that the process was seamless. Since going live, our…

Sebastian Sommer Akselsen

Operations Manager, Lunar Way
In W2, we found a partner that could provide us with an international address lookup service as well as PEP and Sanction screening solution that caters for both customer onboarding and on-going customer monitoring. W2’s platform enabled us to conduct all of our API look-ups in real-time and right across the Scandinavian region in which we operate. Easy implementation, comprehensive technical support and a flexible commercial model were the 3 important factors when looking for potential AML suppliers; W2 exceeded all our expectations on all three areas. W2 provided full support throughout the short integration and set-up process and were…

Neil Harris

Chief Commercial Officer, Global Processing Services
By partnering with W2 all our clients have direct access to a myriad of global KYC providers via a simple API call to us without the need to integrate to any third party providers. We continue to enhance our offering by giving our clients unrivalled flexibility in the way they use our services, W2 has allowed us to do this in relation to a complete KYC solution.

Kriya Patel

Managing Director, Transact Payments Ltd
Transact Payments Limited have enjoyed a successful working relationship with W2 Global Data for many years. We have no hesitation in recommending their ongoing identity and character screening solutions which have been critical in enabling us to meet our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and general regulatory needs.

Paul Roberts

Chief Commercial Officer, Mc Lear
The integration to W2 was very straightforward. All the W2 API documentation needed was online and for the few instances our developers required guidance, the W2 Support Team were very responsive and always keen to assist. With W2 being at the heart of customer onboarding process, we were up and running in no time. We now have a fast and reliable eKYC process that also caters for our PEP, Sanction and document checking requirements; a process that meets our regulatory AML obligations.

Dr. Tony Harvey

Director of Training, Risk and Compliance, Brabners LLP
Reliable customer due diligence is a critical part of the legal process and Brabners have partnered with W2 Global Data since 2011. We find their innovative eKYC platform offers a fast and effective way of carrying out the necessary background checks which our customers rely on. The system is simple to use and offers substantial cost and time efficiencies in what would otherwise be a laborious manual process.

Ben Kessler

CEO, KABN Network
W2 has been a true partner across the board. Given the fact that we are a start-up, things change at a moment's notice, issues and concerns flare up and need to be resolved quickly and completely. Pain points can be many and often and we need to know that our partners are right there in the trenches with us; that is W2!

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