Customer Focused Innovation

Customer-focused innovation centres around the experience of the customer.

It’s not just about technology, platform or feature and functional change.

It’s about a deep-rooted organizational desire to constantly improve the customer’s journey.

For the W2 team, customer-focused innovation begins by listening to our clients at regular ‘whites of their eyes’ [see W2 Autumn 2019 Client Day] with the objective of resolving client issues and improving client experiences.

Lerex Technology

In large businesses, innovation is often approached through a formal process; cross-functional teams, brainstorming sessions, ideation, concept design and prototyping let alone the customary workshopping exercises in order to innovate around the customer or client experience.

A time consuming, lengthy and costly process for many.

Quite simply – if you’re wondering what the problem is, ask your customers.

In such a safe environment for open dialogue, our job is to listen; a culture and a system where we can capture ideas and properly bring them back into our business be that through the Product, Support or Account Management teams.

Although such face to face sessions are impossible at present, the W2 team are now conducting some remote sessions to continue the excellent work done to date.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get involved, If you would like to join then please contact us on and we will send you the details.

Such sessions provide an opportunity to share our thoughts on how we are using technology to disrupt the current playing field. Getting together with clients in this way ensures our innovation lines up with a critical client problem that no one has yet solved.

If we truly understand any client problems, we improve our odds of successful innovation.

As always, we want to hear from you.

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