The W2 Warriors did it!

The team made up of different departments came together to raise money for the Adult CP Hub – a small charity founded to represent the needs of adults living with Cerebral Palsy (CP) in the UK and acts as a place to receive support and access information based on the most up to date medical knowledge, understanding & expertise.

Warren Russell, W2 CEO said “This is a great achievement for a great cause, and I couldn’t be prouder of how the team came together to complete this difficult challenge.”

Kevin Fox, W2 Product Manager added “My wife suffers from CP and when, having mentioned the charity to Warren as a possible option for funding raising, I could not have expected the response from the entire business being as fantastic as it has been, not to mention the teamwork that was involved to push through this challenge. We raised over £1,000 in under 3 weeks which will have a massive impact for the Charity”

The Warriors are already discussing next year’s challenge, eyeing completing the 10 Mile course.  In the meantime, huge congratulations to everyone who participated, to the W2 team members who supported and to Tyrone Herbert from True Form for supplying the Warriors with their fantastic T-shirts.

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