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From the outset of our working partnership, the strong relationship has been based on trust.

We know that they weren’t offering a solution they couldn’t deliver and wouldn’t make promises that they couldn’t keep.

Constant communication through the integration process was key for us.

Working closely with W2 throughout the integration process, we began to think differently about how we should approach customer onboarding and how we could get the best our of our platform.

With compliance related solutions, I could ill afford to be dazzled by a smoke and mirrors sales pitch. I needed a solution that was actually going to do what I wanted it to do.

Chief Operating Officer

Case Study

W2 provided our global eKYC expertise, ensuring that our Know Your Customer processes meet the same robust levels of scrutiny as traditional offline checks of identification.

With W2, the identification and verification of a client’s identity takes place in real-time, helping us increase our conversion rate and providing our clients with a smooth, comfortable and simplified digital onboarding experience.




Compliance Officer

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