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W2 provide a wide range of screening tools and services to help organisations to check who they are interacting with. We enable organisations to achieve regulatory compliance by conducting Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud prevention due diligence. Including, but not limited to, Age & ID verification, PEP and Sanctions screening, Enhanced Due Diligence, device location and a wide range of professional services.

Warren Russell

Warren Russell

Founder & CEO
W2 - Wide Range of Screening Tools
KYC, Compliance and Anti-Fraud

KYC, Compliance and Anti-Fraud

One API is all you need

W2 aggregates trusted information, managed services, data, software and expertise to establish a next-generation all-in-one KYC, compliance and anti-fraud solution.

Through our API we have global compliance coverage by accessing hundreds of KYC data sources with the ability to activate them in real-time. All backed behind our rich data output, making customised reports for regulatory bodies quick and easy.

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