Compliance for FX & Currency

The FX & Currency industries are fast moving and constantly evolving. W2 facilitates this constant change with cutting edge compliance technology.

Offering your customers a seamless onboarding journey whilst complying with constantly evolving regulatory requirement is vital to the security and longevity of your business.

W2’s array of compliance solution for FX & Currency takes the pressure off compliance by offering you a simplistic and effective set of procedures to meet compliance requirements whilst empowering your customer journey and reducing customer drop-offs.

All the compliance solutions you need

Satisfy the need for player protection and the changing regulatory demands in the gambling space. Giving you a real time view of what a consumer earns, and most importantly no require customer input required whilst remaining compliant.

Identify fraudsters with a range of best of breed solutions, designed to notify you of any fraudulent activity, avoiding revenue loss and fines. Alerting you of any politically exposed persons and sanctioned individuals identified in real-time.

Authenticate customers across the globe and experience a frictionless, faster onboarding journey. Keep customers engaged in a smooth end to end process and verify their identity in real-time, whilst offering a superior customer experience

Comply with the 5th and 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directives with W2’s AML screening solutions. We enable you to implement a true risk-based approach to AML whilst minimising the cost of achieving compliance.

What makes us different?

W2’s solutions can be used independently or combined as part of a workflow. The W2 team will work closely with you to find the best process for your business.

Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on manual compliance processes with W2’s real-time data flow allowing you to focus on what you do best.

W2 gives you the perfect balance of getting customers through the onboarding journey as efficiently as possible whilst complying with regulatory requirement. Ongoing monitoring can also be utilised to alert you of any changes to current customers.

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Our FX & Currency experts are on hand to help.

Fast Paced Technology Suited to Your Industry

The FX & Currency industries are fast paced, constantly evolving, and under frequent scrutiny from regulatory bodies to ensure sound compliance procedures. W2’s technology shares many of these same attributes. Our team of developers are persistently looking for methods of improving the W2 portal and integration methods to offer you the best compliance processes, fit for your specific needs.

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Compliance for FX & Currency


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