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Just One Invoice

As a Gaming or Payments Operator, are you being sent an unnecessary number of invoices by your Compliance suppliers?

If you’re not taking advantage of consolidated invoicing, you could be.

In order to reduce the time burden on staff, look for suppliers with an invoicing platform that offers consolidated invoicing logic.

The invoicing platform should pull all the relevant details for each month; a description of what was purchased, the quantity, the price per item, and any other relevant details.

You don’t want to trade in one problem (too many invoices) for another (not enough information).

Without a consolidated invoicing function, businesses may be forced to manually input each transaction or billable item into a consolidated invoice.

Either the business has massive time losses due to manual work, or they risk the delay (or total loss) of payments due to mass confusion.

If your current Compliance supplier supplies a single invoice where they have specified a time period (or invoice cycle) and batched together all transactions for that time period into one invoice, happy days.

It’s easier on both parties – fewer invoices for them to generate, and fewer invoices for you to track down.

Sadly, there are still a great many legacy systems out there that weren’t built using common underlying software architectures or principles supporting the notion of ‘Just One API’, ‘Just One Invoice’ and ‘Just One Contract’ for Compliance supplier management.

If you don’t get a single invoice for the plethora of Compliance services needed in the modern enterprise, please let us know via hello@w2globaldata.com and we’ll be happy to talk through a solution with you.

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