Product Roundup: Platform Efficiency Improvements

In 2023, our commitment to improving W2’s platform to bring clients the most efficient method of performing compliance continues apace. Over the first few months of the year, W2’s engineering team has worked tirelessly to implement an array of improvements to the platform, all designed to make the lives of our clients easier.

A simple but effective change made to W2’s homepage is the addition of a snapshot of average pass rate and alerts over the past 30 days. This gives insight into how services are performing immediately upon logging into the portal, allowing clients to take the most effective action. *Please note: the image below utilises test data so pass rates are not indicative of live data.

Monitoring Performance

We have implemented significant improvements in our monitoring reporting to give clients even more information on performance. Upon entering the monitoring dashboard, clients are now presented with an easily digestible graph which shows all searches from an editable date range.

It provides at a glance information on the number of alerts generated, and the percentage of alerts which are open, high, medium, low, or false positive.

Alerts Dashboard

We have also released the new alerts dashboard, aggregating all alerts into one place. This provides an overview of all alerts, when they were created, who is assigned to them, the status, record, and a hyperlink to the match, making it even easier to remediate alerts. Portal users can see immediately when an alert is assigned to them to ensure efficient and timely remediation.

Screenings Dashboard

The release of the Screenings dashboard, highly requested by several clients, allows clients to easily see an overview of all their screened records, prove Monitoring screenings are taking place and keep track of alerts raised. By adding all URNs, name, alerts, and status, clients are now able to gain a holistic view of all records easily.

Upon clicking into the name of the URN, clients can see a clear overview of the number of alerts associated with the record, and a history of the most recent screenings (up to the previous 36 screenings). This not only provides clients with a simpler way of consuming reporting but creates a clear and easily demonstrable audit trail.


We are excited to announce an addition in the way data can be consumed through webhooks.

A webhook allows the W2 platform to initiate an external notification call to our clients. Our clients can then configure multiple ways of consuming that notification, from emails and SMS to a direct system call into the client’s platform. 

One of the key early use cases of this enhancement is for ongoing monitoring. By having a webhook in place, clients can be notified of a monitoring alert in real-time, as soon as they are raised.

We are excited to bring this innovation to W2’s suite of technology and are looking forward to discovering ways of using this to aid our clients.

So that covers another busy quarter developing W2’s platform. The requirements of our clients are constantly developing, and the team has been responsive to those requests whilst also being proactive in implementing new functionality based on our own internal UX research.

The team is currently working on a significant improvement in W2’s architecture which will dramatically improve the flexibility of new improvements.

We’ve got even more new functionality and improvements in the works, so keep an eye out over the next few months.

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