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Six of the Best – Warren Russell

Get to know the people behind W2. Find out six of the favourite things about our CEO Warren Russell.

Best Holiday

We don’t go away that often as my long suffering wife often reminds me. Therefore, when we do I really like to keep it simple and go away together as a family. Some of our best holidays have been camping in the UK. One particularly memorable getaway was the first time we went away as a family of 5 to Tunisia.

Best Album

I’m quite into my music and definitely lean towards the heavier end of the spectrum. However, my iTunes playlist is quite eclectic. There are probably two albums which always feature. Prodigy Fat of the Land and Prodigy Music for the Jilted Generation. I tend to have a favourite album of the moment. Currently this is Tu by Alien Weaponry.

Best Sporting Experience

I love my Formula 1 and have been fortunate to see a race at Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix. It happened before the age of the hybrid engine so I got to experience the thrill of a proper rumble in my belly from the engines as they roared past. Sebastian Vettel won for Renault that day. 

Best Film

I have a pretty bad memory so I tend to be quite happy watching films more than once. However, one film that I can always watch, time and time again is Leon. Gary Oldman puts in a fantastic performance and if you haven’t seen it then go and watch it tonight.

Best Book

I tend to find time for reading only when I am on holiday and usually I’ll get through two or three books. I prefer non-fiction and one of the most interesting biographies I have read recently is by Vinnie Jones.

Best App

This one is easy. BBC Sport or Sky Sports football apps win hands down.

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