Valuing The Importance of UX – W2 Product Roundup

Over the last few months, W2’s engineering team has been hard at work on various valuable UX improvements to W2’s portal, to ensure that our client experience is as efficient and effective as possible.

Here at W2, we are always looking at how we can develop current solutions and add exciting new products to further help clients perform due diligence. But what we also truly value is the power of user experience when interacting with those services, constantly working to make the lives of those who use the services on a day-to-day basis easier.

Reducing Dropdowns

Within the portal, we previously had some dropdowns with a limited number of selectable options. From our analysis of device usage, we are aware that our clients are increasingly looking to use our services on touchscreen devices, and dropdowns don’t provide the best experience. So, we’ve removed several dropdowns as a first step to reducing the number of clicks required.

This example shows how it works with our age verification tool.

Increasing Synergy of Filtering

Within the dashboard, we have raised the prominence of filters, making it significantly easier to find results with the outcome you’re searching for. These filters now also interact with the overridden filter to allow you to target your search even further.

Most Recent Quick Search Profiles

Reducing the number of clicks required when performing searches is one of the key focus areas for the engineering team. We have added a ‘recently searched profiles’ section within Quick Search, so that, when performing searches, you can quickly and easily re-select the searches that are used most often.

Search Again

In keeping with the theme of reducing clicks for clients and bearing in mind that many clients are frequently onboarding multiple customers all at once, we have added a ‘search again’ button so users can quickly perform the same search on another person.

We are excited to bring these changes to the live environment on W2’s portal as we are committed to constantly making improvements to the portal. We aim to make it quick and easy to access vital information, and to empower our clients to seamlessly onboard customers, all whilst performing due diligence to the highest standard.

W2’s engineering team is continuing to improve our user experience, so keep your eye out for even more developments in the near future including adding additional search functionality to services so users can find what they are looking for significantly faster.

If you’re interested in finding out about how our developers used Hotjar to inspire some of these changes, check out this blog.

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