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10 Reasons to use Email Risk Assessment

Opening an account online is virtually impossible without an email address.

In fact, email addresses provide data that is a lot more specific and unique than browsers.

Using an Email Risk Assessment platform, you can build an accurate picture of the reputation and identity of individual by using data associated with an email address.

As an up-front layer of security, fraud managers have access to the additional intelligence needed for a more accurate evaluation during onboarding.

By returning an easy-to-interpret risk indicator along with risk reason and when available – other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) – Email Risk Assessment delivers decisioning data that supports risk-based assessment and fraud mitigation strategies.

Using the right tools, an email address will tell more about a user than an IP or device can.

  1. With a clear picture of who is behind a transaction, you can expedite approvals, automate workflows, and optimize manual review.
  2. Using email address metadata, you get the basis for transactional risk assessment and digital identity validation.
  3. With a real-time assessment of an email address, you can understand the likelihood of it having been used in fraud.
  4. Utilise batch file uploads to assess your big transactional data sets.
  5. Improve your identity verification and fraud detection accuracy.
  6. Start your fight back against synthetic ID fraud.
  7. Validate your consumer email addresses and assess email risk factors quickly.
  8. Accelerate your customer on-boarding without adding any further friction.
  9. Strengthen your enrolment & customer on boarding security.
  10. Improve your compliance position and, data quality. Something that your Marketing team will greatly appreciate.

The email address is the most basic piece of data can make the difference in fraud prevention.

Email Risk Assessment goes beyond basic comparative information and paints a complete picture based on the reputation of the buyer by using IP address, email, and other information to validate identity.

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