W2 and Integrated Finance announce collaborative partnership, aimed at enhanced offerings

The partnership has been formed to allow both organisations to continue to grow within the Fintech ecosystem through collaborative efforts.

W2, the leading provider of regulatory compliance software, has announced today a mutual partnership with Integrated Finance, a financial infrastructure platform, allowing Fintechs to access on-demand core banking services and a marketplace of pre-built connections. Integrated Finance and W2 already share multiple mutual partnerships within the Fintech ecosystem and are placing a key focus on collaboration being a core aspect of their growth strategies. 

The core value of both businesses derives from integrating financial solutions for complex processes using a single point of access. Thus, meeting regulatory requirements and connecting all aspects needed to build a Fintech faster and cost-effectively. 

Lynsey Hoxha, Head of Channel Partnerships at W2 commented on the partnerships: “We are thrilled to be adding Integrated Finance to W2’s Partner Network. The linkage between strategy and functionality of our product suites meant we were already well aligned, and announcing an official partnership was the best next step for both parties.”

Amar Kotak, Head of Global Partnerships at Integrated Finance said: “Aligned with our mission of creating infrastructure that enables the next generation of Fintechs to build the future of financial services, we are delighted to welcome W2, one of the most experienced KYC providers on the market, to our channel ecosystem programme.”

About Integrated Finance

What we do.
We connect together multiple players and providers across the unbundled embedded banking stack. Using our embeddable modules for transactional banking, developers can go from idea to launch within a couple of weeks.

Our technology.
Our cloud-native, API-first platform allows Fintechs to instantly access pre-built core financial services and integration workflows, designed to accelerate time to value. 

What you get.
Pay as you grow financial infrastructure that gives Fintechs the flexibility and scalability they need to enhance their core offering, and reduce the time it takes to get a product into the hands of their customers.

About W2

W2 has access to leading data and service providers ensuring that up to date and reliable information is available via a single access point; enabling businesses to satisfy regulatory requirements and make reliable informed decisions about customers. W2 provides Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML) and Identity Verification through a single access point. W2 provides the right solution on a global scale, for both onboarding and monitoring. W2 offers the most customer focused compliance solution available, allowing active management of risk. Find out more here.

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