W2 holds its Autumn Client Day

Although the idea of an all-day workshop might seem time-consuming and demanding to some, we find the benefits of employing such a collaborative environment between a few our key clients and our product & sales teams invaluable.

Not only can they contribute to more effective collaboration, but these sessions also have a deciding impact on the overall success of our product and marketing initiatives.

Held at various sites in London over the last few years, we aim to meet – at least on a quarterly basis.

Although the topics may change from session to session, very much a client focussed agenda.

We opened with a recap on the July 2019 meeting; key discussion points, insights, actions etc. The point being, to demonstrate the fact that we’re there to listen, to capture what’s important to our clients and therefore, take action to address any gaps or shortcomings.

Our November 2019 workshop involved an excellent presentation from Jeremy Hendy (CEO, Skurio) on Dark Web Monitoring & ID Theft Protection.

We talked of our progress on the plan to become ISO 27001 certified; please see Preparing For The Stage 2 ISO 27001 Audit.

We discussed our new Global eKYC offering; please see Global Identity Verification Made Easy.

We showcased our new Status Page capability; please see New W2 Status Page Goes Live.

We highlighted our new and much improved W2 Support website.

And in turn, demonstrated our new In-Portal messaging feature.

The great news … all initiatives were very well received.

The customary client roundtable kicked up some interesting and valuable insights – all of which were played back at the end of the day to ensure we captured them correctly.

Given the positive feedback from the clients on format, timing and agenda of these session – why break a winning formula?

With early February 2020 being targeted for the next W2 Client Day – if you’re interested in participating, please let us know (hello@w2globaldata.com).

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