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A message from our CEO

The last few weeks have been the most challenging any of us are likely to have faced in our working lives.

I wanted to personally update you on the steps we have taken at W2 and reassure you of our commitment to you over the coming weeks and months, but also send my best wishes to you and your family.

I hope this message reaches you well, healthy and safe.

First and foremost, our team is safe and working.

We had planned to work from home from Tuesday of last week, the Prime Ministers announcement simply underlined that plan.

We are fortunate in that, as a cloud first business, our people are able to work from home without any impact on our ability to produce the high-quality service we offer our customers.

You have my assurance that we are doing everything we can to support our people, our customers and the markets in which we operate during these challenging times.

The Coronavirus pandemic is naturally causing turmoil in both our personal and professional lives.

This coupled with the fluctuations across global financial markets mean it is all too easy to get alarmed.

If it helps, I would like to put your mind at ease about the way in which we are positioning ourselves for as long as this takes to recover from.

First of all, we have an extremely supportive network of investors and bankers.

This has recently received another vote of confidence and that means for us it is business as usual.

Of course we are making changes, we would be foolish not to.

We are curtailing all unnecessary activity and spend, watching the transactional trends through our platform so that we can be on hand at the earliest opportunity to help our customers where possible and we are looking at our actions and position on a daily basis and reacting accordingly.

Our P1 and general customer support team, remains available 24/7 for sev1 via email/ticketing, and normal operating hours for our general support via phone, email and ticketing.

As these are exceptional times, there might be occasions where unusually high demand affects our response time. We appreciate your understanding and patience if this occurs.

Please be assured that we’ll do everything possible to keep our people safe and to ensure you continue to receive the service you expect of us. We know you rely on us — we won’t let you down.

19th March 2020

We know that like us, the business community is facing the biggest unknown of our lifetime.

The certainty of even household brands remaining viable through this period remains a challenge.

The government have announced packages to help businesses through these tough times, but does it go far enough?

That’s a debate for politicians and not one I believe that we – as business leaders – should be arguing over.

Instead we should be pulling together and working to find a solution that ensures the longevity of our respective industries.

With that in mind, at W2 are pulling together a work-stream of commercial remodelling to help our customers and anyone else who would like to take advantage of some flexible terms during this challenging time.

We will be announcing our plans over the coming days, but if, in the meantime you wish to discuss how we can help you – please get in touch on hello@w2globaldata.com

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