W2 CTO Adrian Grindrod joins the FinTechWales Advisory Panel

Monday 15th July 2019

FinTechWales launched in April 2019 with the initial direction provided by Richard Theo, the HM Treasury’s FinTech Envoy for Wales.

The idea behind FinTechWales is to provide an independent voice for the FinTech industry, both within Wales and beyond, which will help to champion and maximise the potential for all businesses in this sector. As well as nurturing and supporting those businesses already in Wales, it aims to develop an ecosystem that will help new FinTech companies start-up or scale-up. Ultimately, the goal being to make Wales a leading pillar in the global FinTech community.

The FinTech Wales advisory panel is made up of a group of entrepreneurs, representatives from small, medium and large enterprises as well as tech suppliers, universities, schools and the public sector. The panel represents a variety of industry leaders including founders and board members of FinTech companies, as well as those who work to enable and support the FinTech and Financial Services sector in Wales. It is the panel’s responsibility to make the voice of FinTech companies in Wales heard and to provide opportunities for growth in this thriving sector.

Adrian Grindrod, W2 CTO, commented: “I am delighted to have joined the FinTechWales Advisory Panel.  With a burgeoning cluster of FinTech companies already and a great supply of talent through world class education institutions, Wales has become one of the best places for FinTechs to be based in the UK. I look forward to helping shape the bright future for FinTechs in Wales.”

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