W2: Back To Basics. Who Are W2?

The History of W2

Before W2 Global Data, I started my career in financial services in 1998 and despite a brief foray into the world of demolition, or ‘real work’ as my dad would call it. I then transitioned from a user of regulatory technology to being a retailer of compliance solutions in 2008. 

Having worked in the provider side of the fence, I decided to start W2 in 2011. After identifying a gap in the market for businesses to stay compliant, through the delivery of a simplified regulatory compliance software solution. Since the early days with my co-founder, Walter (yes, Warren and Walter, two W’s = W2), myself and Sara West continued to build on strong foundations surrounded by a supportive, creative, and innovative team.

W2 is built on the provision of award winning Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money laundering (AML), Fraud Prevention, ID & Document Verification, and Know Your Business (KYB) software. Seamlessly delivered through a single API.

Throughout the last nine years, we have always tried to stay ahead of the curve. Adapting to changes in the regulatory landscape. However, it was sometimes too easy to lose sight of our end goal; ensuring the customer journey remains ‘a simple transaction in a normally complex process’.

The Future of W2

We now constantly challenge ourselves to remain true to our core values: complexity should never be a barrier to business success. Our focus  remains on the end goal to provide market leading compliance software; whilst delivering an exceptional customer journey. Regardless of the evolution of our platform and the twists and turns that the ever changing economic and regulatory landscape bring with it.  

For many businesses, regulatory compliance is a must. But what does it actually all mean? Now W2 has been introduced, it’s time to find out how it all works, what these endless acronyms really mean, and how W2 can improve your business’ customer journey today. It’s at this point, I hand over to our Head of Product, Ben Preston-Marriott for the next instalment of the series.

Welcome to W2: Back to Basics. I hope you enjoy the journey.

If you, or your business would like to know more about any W2 products, contact us on hello@w2globaldata.com

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