W2 looking to support all industries during challenging times ahead

Newport, South Wales – 23rd March 2020 – W2, the leading provider of real-time digital solutions for global regulatory compliance, has announced today its help to regulated industries faced with challenges during the continue Coronavirus outbreak.

W2 CEO, Warren Russell, today confirmed “While I am trying to avoid the use of the word ‘unprecedented’ as it is being thrown around a lot at the moment, it is true to say that we are in a world of unknown at present and not a single one of us will remain unaffected.

At W2 we have always taken pride in the way we aim to look after our customers, sometimes we get it wrong, of course we do. But we always try our best.

Despite our best efforts, and those of our peers at this time, it is regretful to say that some of us will not come through this, no matter how hard we try.

If you are a regulated business, you don’t want to be in a position whereby your chosen partner has been unable to continue to serve you – regulation and compliance doesn’t stop and its shame to think it but a small minority will try and take advantage of a perceived weakened infrastructure.

So, for those organisations that we don’t currently work with, who are looking to ensure their business continuity, we are making the following offer:

  • Zero integration fees
  • Zero upfront costs
  • 24×7 support at no cost
  • Zero transaction commitments
  • Access to our platform and all services from day 1

This means that if you can spare some technical resource, we can have you up and running quickly, with no initial outlay or big commitments. Put us in as primary, as secondary, as tertiary – we don’t mind, just as long as we can be in situ to offer some help should it be needed.

It’s not much in the grand scheme of things but it is what we at W2 can do in this time of uncertainty for everyone.

For those who don’t know, just some of the things you can access through our single platform integration:

  • Global Identity verification
  • Global address validation
  • Document verification with/without facial comparison
  • AML data sets (PEP, Sanction, Adverse content)
  • Corporate data
  • Postal data – potentially more being done by post at present
  • Email and telephone validation
  • Data cleansing
  • API, desktop search and ongoing monitoring all in one place

Please reach out to us on hello@w2globaldata.com we would be delighted to help if we can

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