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PeP Picks W2 to Streamline its Digital Onboarding Journey

W2’s Facial Comparison solution helps leading Payment Service Provider vet new digital clients.

NEWPORT, Wales, Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — W2, the leading provider of real-time digital solutions for global regulatory compliance, has partnered with PeP to help the Turkish payment services provider vet the identity of its new digital customers in the UK and to further automate its onboarding processes.

PeP have recently become principal members of Visa and will be launching their UK wallet proposition in June 2020.

When looking for a vendor to help automate its new digital onboarding process, PeP had three key requirements; they needed an identity verification solution powered by the latest facial comparison technologies, a solution that reliably verifies multiple types of government-issued IDs including both passports and driver’s licenses and also, they were looking for a customer monitoring, AML compliant solution in line with the latest Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

“We are very proud to partner with PeP, providing them with all the tools needed to support a smooth, simple and frictionless customer onboarding journey,” said Warren Russell, W2 CEO. “PeP was looking for a partner to help simplify customer onboarding and the subsequent monitoring of customers whilst ensuring they consistently meet their compliance obligations and in W2, they have found just that.”

“With the emergence of new methodologies that use machine learning and data analytics, we recognise that the regulatory landscape is becoming more complex and fast-paced than ever before. In W2, we have found a partner that is committed to making compliance as simple as it can be,” said Artun Kumrulu, Board Member at PeP. “Having a reliable digital onboarding process in place that allows us to do better business while protecting our reputation means everything to us.”

About W2

W2 provides real-time solutions that simplify the global regulatory compliance requirements for mobile and digital transactions via a single API integration. Supporting businesses in the financial, ecommerce, betting and gambling sectors, W2 gives access to innovative solutions and products that reduce risk, combat fraud, facilitate identity verification and digital onboarding and; are foremost customer-centric to ensure businesses stay compliant whilst achieving competitive advantage and higher customer retention and acquisition. Solutions include: PEPs and Sanctions, Know Your Customer (KYC), ID Verification, AML Compliance (Anti-Money Laundering), Fraud Prevention checks, Age Verification, Credit and Banking, and Know Your Business (KYB) reporting.

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About PeP

PeP is a trademark brand of Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services Inc. Paladyum Electronic Money and Payment Services an authorised Electronic Money Company that has been licensed by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA) on 13/07/2017. Paladyum offers EMI accounts, prepaid issuing, issuing & acquiring processing, multi-currency wallet, domestic & international money transfers and invisible payment services for its individual and business customers. Integrated with 10+ banks and 50.000+ ATM’s and physical channels, instant bank transfer, cash-in, cash-out services are available to its customers.

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Full Press Release: PeP Picks W2 to Streamline its Digital Onboarding Journey

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