W2 Product Roundup – Ensuring Efficiency Through UX

Despite the first ‘real’ summer break for a couple of years, it’s been all gas, no brakes here at W2 when it comes to improving the efficiency of the way our clients use our solutions. 

Over the last few months, W2 has released an exciting new affordability solution for the gambling industry which looks to tackle many of the safer gambling issues operators are experiencing, as well as a major enhancement to W2’s global Know Your Business solution. 

Although these solutions have taken many months to develop and implement, the focus on continuous improvement to W2’s platform has remained a key focus for the W2 tech team, aiming to make the lives of clients easier and more efficient.  

Canned Responses for Alert Remediation

When evaluating W2’s alert remediation functionality, we realised that having to type in a response each time could be improved upon, especially if users were commenting the same thing, so, we’ve added ‘canned’ responses to make the process quicker and easier. Users can now simply click on one or more templates and add it to the text box, instead of having to type it out every time. To make the process even easier, we also added an option to save custom templates, if there’s something specific a user often needs. 

Allowing Users to Un-assign Alerts

Further analysis into alert remediation led the team to encounter another area which could be improved. Previously, if a user assigned an alert to another user in error, there was no way to ‘un-assign’ them, only to reassign to themselves or another user. The change made now allows users to choose to ‘un-assign’ the alert to its original state. 

Manual Document Verification – Additional Comments

For clients using W2’s Manual Document Verification (MDV) solution, we’ve worked with our supplier to provide additional comments on why a document has failed or been referred. This is important for clients to see for more context into why a check needs more investigation and what the next steps are, so we have implemented a new field in the Portal and notification email where these comments can be reviewed, which in turn gives clients more understanding on what action to take. 

We are delighted to be bringing more changes to W2’s platform which align with our commitment to make the lives of clients easier. These incremental improvements are targeted to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our Portal to ensure that performing compliance is a simple process for our clients. 

W2’s tech team has more valuable improvements planned over the coming months, so keep your eye out for more developments in the near future. 

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