Mortality Service

Fighting Ghost Fraud

Ghost fraud happens when criminals use the identities of deceased people to perpetrate fraudulent activities. According to the Disclosure of Death Registration Information (DDRI), over half a million people pass away in the UK every year.

Knowing who within your prospect or customer database has died is of the utmost importance:

  • Receiving communications intended for a deceased loved one can be distressing for the recipient.
  • Impersonation of the deceased (IOD) fraud – when a criminal or opportunistic family member continues to receive monetary payments – costs UK financial institutions millions of pounds per year.

Checking your applications or database regularly for mortalities will help avoid fraudulent over-payments and incorrect or inappropriate mailings, in turn protecting both the consumer and your business.

During this short W2 webinar ‘Fighting Ghost Fraud’, you will learn how the W2 Mortality Service can help you fight this growing form of Fraud:

  • Assists in the vetting and approving of credit applications
  • Helps address compliance with anti-money laundering legislation 
  • Becoming an essential part of the due diligence Know Your Customer processes

Speakers include:

  • Gary Pine, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, W2
  • Ben Preston-Marriott, Head of Product, W2
  • Anthony Phillips, Product Manager, W2

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