Age Verification Services

Verify your customers’ age in real time. Keep your business safe and secure with W2’s Age Verification solution.

W2 provide a one-stop shop for identity verification, which enables us to facilitate age verification in a number of different ways.

Each of the W2 age verification services can be used individually or as a combined solution to improve match rates and customer acquisition.

Key Benefits


Avoid reputational damage by identifying age-inappropriate individuals.

Comply with regulatory requirement whilst offering a seamless onboarding journey.

Corporate Talk

Customise your age thresholds to return a pass or fail result.

Network Affiliate marketing

Combine multiple services for stronger authentication of age.

Age Restricted Sales Made Simple

Sales of age restricted goods online have skyrocketed in recent years, but so has pressure from regulators and Government bodies to ensure that goods are not sold to those who do not meet the age threshold.

W2’s age verification solution combines a number of services to verify the age of customers attempting to onboard, preventing those who do not meet your custom threshold whilst allowing legitimate customers to onboard seamlessly.

Name, address, and date of birth is validated against numerous data fields and when a match is made, the date of birth is checked against the specified age threshold and a true/false response is returned. This allows different age thresholds to be set depending on the use case.

W2’s email risk assessment service returns the age of an email address. If an individual’s email address is older than 18 years old, they can be classified as being over 18 themselves.

Verify the authenticity of an ID document and verifies that the date of birth meets your custom age thresholds. Combine this with real time facial comparison which will ask the user to take a selfie and compare the picture taken to the ID document, giving you a percentile match rate.

Need More Information?

Our age verification experts are here to help.

age verification services

Find your fit with W2’s fully custom workflows

W2’s age verification solution can be used independently or as part of a full compliance workflow. Our onboarding team will work with you directly to understand your requirements and which services can be added to your custom onboarding workflow to find the best fit for your business.

You can turn on and turn off services as you please based on how well the onboarding journey is working for your business. In doing so you can free up resources and get the most out of your investment. All of W2’s solutions are specifically designed to work together to provide a seamless customer journey whilst ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Integrating with W2 Has Never Been Easier

At W2, we understand that everyone requires different methods when consuming compliance data. We have a web portal available to use for ad-hoc checks, whilst also offering full integration via API (REST) and via mobile SDK. When verifying the age of individuals attempting to onboard, creating a seamless journey whilst complying with regulatory requirement is at the forefront of what we do. Our technology is constantly evolving and developing to ensure we provide the best possible experience for you.


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