AML (Anti-Money Laundering) ID Checks

Meet every point of the compliance journey with W2's range of AML solutions.

W2’s platform and services unify best-in-class global data into a single consumable package to help your business apply a true risk-based approach.                  

W2’s suite of AML data services enables you to screen against robust datasets automatically from onboarding stage through to ongoing screening, ensuring an effective compliance workflow. Fulfil regulatory requirements, avoid fines & reputational damage, and be compliant. 

Key Benefits

International delivery

Access to multiple best-of-breed global AML data suppliers.

Tailored alert matching to meet your individual compliance standards.

Granular breakdown to enable a truly flexible risk-based approach.

Filter alerts based on auto-remediation criteria – Ex-PEPS, country, entity matching and more.

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Fully integrated into onboarding, screening & case management tools enabling a single customer view.

Complete alert management functionality and audit history to fulfil compliance requirements.

Put Your Resources in The Right Areas

Hyper-growth businesses choose W2’s suite of AML services for its ability to scale with them whilst maintaining operational flexibility. Matching the correct data provider for an accurate risk-based approach to compliance, along with various filtering tools ensures that compliance teams are only looking at the most relevant alerts. 

If you are looking to achieve expansive growth, choose W2’s AML solution due to its ease of remediation and a vast reduction in the number of false positives. Reduce the ‘noise’ and only focus on customers who need further authentication.

The suite of AML services offered in this solution are constantly evolving and developing. We will ensure you are complying with current AML directives and best placed to future-proof your compliance procedures.

Fines and suspensions due to unawareness of money laundering through your business can be extremely costly, but with a range of AML services available to your business, you can be safe in the knowledge that penalties due to ill thought-out compliance procedures will not harm you.

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AML Identity Check

Custom Compliance Workflows Tailored to Your Business

Accurately identifying your customers is a vital aspect of the security and longevity of your business. The AML solution isn’t just a standalone solution but can be a single part of a full compliance workflow that can be custom built to your specific needs. W2’s onboarding team will work closely with you to simply drag and drop different services in various stages of the onboarding journey to give you the most cost-effective procedures whilst remaining compliant with regulatory requirement.                  

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