Fraud Prevention Solutions

Combat fraud by utilising W2’s suite of fraud prevention data services and ensure an added layer of protection.

The true cost of fraud is never fully known as it is identified after the fraud has occurred or is never discovered by the business.

W2’s range of fraud prevention services proactively detects fraud to help organisations safeguard intellectual property, save money, and avoid reputational damage. Combine services through custom workflows to defend your business against fraudsters.

Key Benefits

Improve resilience of your CRM by protecting it from ‘keyboard bashing’ or false entries.

Minimise loss from fraudulent activities using email risk and mortality.

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Improve confidence in lead generation using salacious names and address lookup.

Avoid reputational damage by identifying deceased or age-inappropriate individuals.

Prevent All Types of Fraud with W2's Solutions

Any solution that accepts customers providing information is vulnerable to incorrect information being submitted. This can take the form of malicious attacks, innocent mistakes, or users simply trying to the get to the next page.

Gain protection from salacious names, incorrect or high-risk emails being collected and incorrect addresses from being entered into your Customer Relationship Management tool.

W2’s Fraud prevention can prevent mortality fraud in onboarding and avoid the costs, both monetary and reputational, from automatically posting to people who are deceased.

Verify the authenticity of an ID document and verifies that the date of birth meets your custom age thresholds. Combine this with real time facial comparison which will ask the user to take a selfie and compare the picture taken to the ID document, giving you a percentile match rate.

The array of fraud prevention services available are not just for onboarding. W2 also offers continuous monitoring of customers to flag suspicious activity in real-time.

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Fraud Prevention Solutions

Customise Your Workflows, Find Your Fit

W2 knows that a “one size fits all” approach to fraud prevention doesn’t work for every business.

We will work closely with you to understand what type of fraud you mainly experience or need to prevent based on the business that you do and the sectors in which you operate.

Finding the perfect workflow for you, ensuring compliance, and reducing customer drop-offs is at the heart of what we do. All of the services W2 offers are designed to work alongside one another within the onboarding journey and ongoing monitoring process so you can ensure you have a custom-built solution which will help you comply with regulatory requirement, deter fraudsters, and onboard legitimate customers seamlessly.


Technology Built to prevent fraud

The W2 tech team are constantly looking at ways to innovate and develop the W2 platform further.

Preventing fraud can be a difficult and complex process, so the W2 platform has been designed so you can absorb only the information you need when any potentially fraudulent activity is flagged.

You have the control to set alerts based on your risk-based approach, making the lives of your compliance teams as simple as possible.

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