Know Your Business (KYB)

Gain real-time access to official company filings from over 365 million entities in 160+ countries.

  • Comply with current and future AML directives.
  • Reduce onboarding time with instant access to reports via API.
  • Simplify your compliance stack through a single access point.
  • Ensure best in class data quality by accessing over 9000 data sources.
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Key Benefits

International delivery

Recommended credit and contract limits to assist contract discussions.

Full company financials presented in an easily digestible report.

Payment performance history information to investigate previous partnerships.

Registered address and contact details.

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Access UK and global score of potential clients.

Current and previous directs alongside PEPs & Sanctions.

Futureproof Your Compliance

The W2 KYB solution is designed to not only comply with current regulatory requirement, but also keeps up with the constantly changing compliance requirements for businesses. The W2 product team extensively researches the market for imminent changes and ensures that the information is fed back into the product roadmap to ensure you have the best compliance procedures in place at all times.

Regulators require that you understand the risk of the businesses you work with. W2 works with you to take the pressure off you through a simplified process.

Gather critical information about the businesses you work with and make better decisions based on the data you receive.

Conduct ongoing screening to identify high risk businesses in real time and set custom alerts to be notified of any changes to your clients.

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Simple Integration, Expert Compliance Support

W2’s Know Your Business (KYB) solution is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into your day-to-day processes. Our developer documentation is built with the end user in mind to ensure that the process for your tech team is smooth and efficient.

Our 24/7 incident support & onboarding team is also always available for you to answer any queries you might have during the integration stage and beyond. We give you tools needed to get the solution working in no time.


Our Customer Success

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