Compliance for iGaming & Gambling

Responsible gambling and player protection is at the heart of the iGaming industry. W2 offers gambling compliance made simple.

Reputational damage, fines, and suspensions are repercussions that your business does not want to experience. W2’s range of compliance solutions for the iGaming industry are tailored to protecting your players whilst avoiding customer drop-offs, allowing you to remain compliant and sustainably grow your customer base.

All the Compliance Solutions You Need

Built to provide as clear a picture as possible without intruding into the customer journey, this solution allows you to gain insight into affordability indicators to protect your players.

Designed to meet your current and future compliance needs whilst streamlining your customer journey. All whilst offering a robust solution to verify the identity of individuals across the globe.

Comply with the 5th and 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directives with W2’s AML screening solutions. We enable you to implement a true risk-based approach to AML whilst minimising the cost of achieving compliance.

Authenticate customers across the globe and experience a frictionless, faster onboarding journey. Keep customers engaged in a smooth end to end process and verify their identity in real-time, whilst offering a superior customer experience

What makes us different?

Services can be used independently or as part of a workflow. The W2 tech team will work with you to find a process suited to you.

Dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on manual compliance processes with W2’s real-time data flow.

Our team of iGaming experts understand what it takes to be compliant. We will only offer you the services you need, leading to an efficient onboarding journey but one that complies with regulatory requirement and protects your players.

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A Platform Built To Scale With You

No matter how many players you onboard daily, the W2 platform is built to handle those requests. Our solutions are built for real-time consumption, meaning that legitimate players can be onboarded immediately, whilst those who need more verification still experience a seamless onboarding journey. The iGaming space can sometimes experience seasonal spikes and W2’s technology is designed to understand those spikes in demand and not let it impact your business.

Our Customer Success

Case Study

“Over recent years, operators have been urged to review and update their policies, procedures and controls for combating money laundering considering the latest guidance when issued by the various Gambling regulators.

With W2 providing our AML screening and monitoring solution, we can identify potential risks faster and take remedial action whilst reducing unnecessary false positives.”

Director of AML

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