Compliance for Professional Services

Accountancy, legal practice, estate agents and more. When you choose W2, compliance has never been easier.

Screen and monitor your customers without sacrificing the customer journey with W2’s array of global compliance solutions. We are committed to providing a service which keeps your business secure and safe. Avoid fines, deter fraudsters, and prevent reputational damage.

All the compliance solutions you need

Designed to meet your current and future compliance needs whilst streamlining your customer journey. All whilst offering a robust solution to verify the identity of individuals across the globe.

Identify fraudsters with a range of best of breed solutions, designed to notify you of any fraudulent activity, avoiding revenue loss and fines. Particularly in the crypto arena, fraud prevention is at the forefront of importance to sound business activity.

Comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives with W2’s AML screening solutions whilst experiencing a true risk-based approach to AML and minimising the cost of achieving compliance.

What makes us different?

The suite of AML services offered in this solution are constantly evolving and developing. We will ensure you are complying with current AML directives and best placed to future-proof your compliance procedures.

W2’s solutions are designed with you in mind. You can save time and resources on manually authenticating your customers and can set custom alerts to be notified in any changes or where further investigation is needed.

Our team of professional services experts understand what it takes to be compliant. We will only offer you the services you need, leading to an efficient customer journey but one that complies with regulatory requirement.

Need More Information?

Our Professional services compliance experts are on hand to help.


Choose the Way You Consume Your Data

W2’s compliance solutions can be consumed in a variety of different methods fit for your business.

You can choose to fully integrate the solutions into your onboarding journey via web API or mobile SDK, or you can use the W2 portal for ad-hoc checks.

All services are specifically designed to work alongside one another and the W2 technical team will work with you to understand your requirements and custom build workflows to give you the most return on your investment.

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