Compliance for Regulated Commerce

The popularity of e-commerce continues to rise. When you choose W2’s compliance software, screening customers has never been easier.

As e-commerce continues to become the norm for consumers purchasing goods, pressure from regulatory bodies is rising to ensure that businesses have effective compliance procedures in place.

W2’s market leading compliance software for regulated commerce allows you to screen customers seamlessly, identifying those who should not gain access to your goods whilst onboarding legitimate customers efficiently and avoiding customer drop-offs.

All the compliance solutions you need

Designed to meet your current and future compliance needs whilst streamlining your customer journey for customer purchasing good from your e-commerce platform. All whilst offering a robust solution to verify the identity of individuals across the globe.

Verify your customers age in real time. Keep your business safe and secure with W2’s Age Verification solution. Each of the W2 age verification services can be used individually or as a combined service to improve match rates and customer acquisition.

For higher value goods, W2’s document verification with facial comparison can be used to verify an ID document of your customer alongside a real time selfie feature. The document is then compared with the selfie and a percentile match rate is provided.

What makes us different?

A slow and ineffective onboarding journey can hurt your business just as much as not complying with regulatory requirement can. W2’s compliance solutions are designed with the customer in mind, ensuring that you can onboard your customers efficiently and maximise revenues

W2 can provide data on a global scale. Wherever you trade from and wherever your customers are, you can be confident that you will be receiving the best possible data when verifying your customers.

Save time, money, and effort on legitimate customers by receiving results in real-time. Your compliance teams can then put their focus in the right areas for customers who need further authentication.

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Technology Designed to Scale with You

We understand that particularly in the regulated commerce arena, demand can differ due to seasonal changes. W2’s compliance platform is designed to scale when you need it, and you can choose to integrate via API or SDK or use the W2 portal for ad-hoc checks. When you choose W2, you can be confident that you will be provided with market leading technology and best of breed data, designed to grow with your business.

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