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W2 provides a full suite of identity verification and anti-money laundering compliance services through a single access point.

 From start-ups to scale ups, small to large enterprises, we have a solution that can be tailored to suit your requirements. 

 We do not believe in complicating any process, and have a team that makes your onboarding seamless.  Our services can be switched on/off at the click of a button and ramped up or scaled back, just as easily. 

Business Development

From your initial enquiry with W2, our Business Development Managers will work with you to understand your requirements and what your specific use cases are. A custom proposal will then be created to include all of the costs associated and suggestions for what your onboarding workflow can look like. Once you are happy with the proposed solution and tested the solutions, contracts can then be written, and the partnership can be made official.

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Once you have signed an agreement with W2, you will then be introduced to your Onboarding Engineer. We are committed to ensuring that your integration process is as smooth as possible, and the onboarding team will provide advice and support during integration to get you up and running in no time.

Customer Success

During the onboarding process, you will also be introduced to your designated Customer Success Manager. The Customer Success team serve as your direct point of contact at W2 to help you with any queries you have during onboarding and beyond. You can receive monthly stats packs from the team to show your usage, book time in with your contact whenever you need support, and gain access to W2 quarterly client days where we give you an update on all things W2 within the quarter, whilst giving you an opportunity to feedback.




Once you are fully onboarded with W2, you then gain access to the W2 support team. The team is in place to give you full support for any issues or queries you may have when interacting with W2’s services. There is a W2 support portal which includes a knowledgebase including FAQ’s and you can also raise tickets for the team to investigate for you.  


W2 has a team of experienced developers who are constantly working on improving the W2 portal. The team works as an agile group so has the ability to react quickly to anything thrown their way. W2’s key goal is to make the lives of your compliance teams easier so any feedback or suggestions our clients have will always be looked into as a priority and developments made thereon.




W2’s product team is in constant communication with data suppliers to ensure W2’s solutions are updated and are fit for purpose for current regulatory and onboarding requirements. The product team is also always open to hearing suggestions on new services required and are eager to work on optimising your compliance workflows.

So that's W2. Let's find out about you and your requirements. Book a demo today below!

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