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W2 in a nutshell!

W2 provide a wide range of Platform as a Service (PaaS) based screening tools to help organisations conduct regulatory Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Fraud prevention due diligence. Services include ID and Age verification, PEP and Sanctions screening, document verification, facial comparison, device location and reputation management.

W2 have access to the world’s most robust data providers to ensure that our clients get intuitive, real-time access to reliable, up to date information. W2 provides a software enablement platform in which we aggregate data and ancillary services from a wide spectrum of domestic and international suppliers. This means that our customers can easily access a myriad of data sources and service providers including, but not limited to, PEP and adverse content, document verification services, eKYC providers, corporate information providers and enhanced investigative services. All through a single, intuitive point of access. W2 are supplier agnostic so you can choose which service providers you want to access, and in whatever sequence makes the most economic sense.

W2 Overview
  • UK & International Know Your Customer (eKYC)
  • Email risk assessment
  • Name integrity checks
  • National Change Of Address (NCOA)

What makes us different?



Cost Effective


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Further Growth

With the continued support from Mercia and Development Bank of Wales we will be able to continue establishing our position as a key world player in our field. This further investment will enable us to step up our international sales plans and further grow our team to support our rapidly expanding business. We feel honoured that our existing investors are backing us every step of the way.

Behind our success

Warren Russell

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Executive Director

Sara West

Chief Commercial Officer, Executive Director

Dr Jonathan Pell

Non-Executive Director

Julian Dennard

Non-Executive Director

Les Freeland

Non-Executive Director