AML & KYC Services For Tajikistan

Standard International Sanctions

A service that checks against standard international sanctions (HMT/OFAC/EU/UN/DFAT/OSFI) to identify whether the individual being onboarded has any sanctions against them and whether they are then eligible to become a customer.

(Politically Exposed Person)

A service that checks against a comprehensive Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) list meeting FATF PEP definition, supplying information on whether the individual is politically exposed and eligible to complete onboarding with your business.

(Senior Political Figures)

A service that checks against Senior Political Figures (Heads of state and senior cabinet members from around the world), providing in depth data on the individual and any political associations they have.


A service that checks against comprehensive source of Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Sanction and Special Interest records to give a holistic view on whether the individual matches any of the criteria.

Salacious Name Check

A service that checks against a database of known profanities, real names and silly names (e.g. Mickey Mouse) along with character combination inconsistencies, notifying you if the name is salacious for further investigation.

Global eKYC
(multi source)

A service that checks against various sources of trusted and relevant data, including credit, electoral roll, telco providers and more. Enabling your business to confirm whether the individual is who they say they are.

International Address Lookup

A service that helps to identify international addresses correctly, including whether the individual still lives at the claimed address to prevent any fraudulent activity.


A service that returns a range of fraud intelligence data against an email address, how long the email address has been active, whether it is still in use, and if it has been associated with fraudulent activity previously.


A service that checks a passports number algorithmic validity to confirm the passport is real and not expired, and to prevent fraudulent activity by identifying fake or stolen documents.

DVFC (Document & Facial Check)

A service that validates multiple document types including driverโ€™s license, passports and utility bills automatically and in real time. Often used for demographics who are harder to find with a traditional eKYC check.

Manual Document Verification

A service that checks the validity of various image based identity document via human interaction. Documents such as a passport, driver license or even utility bills can be uploaded and used to confirm identity.

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