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Authenticate customers across the globe with W2’s Document Verification solutions.

Experience a frictionless, faster onboarding journey by implementing the Document Verification services into your customer onboarding journey. Keep customers engaged in a smooth end to end process and verify their identity in real-time, whilst offering a superior customer experience.


How does Automatic Document Verification Work?

Once the document has been uploaded, the solution automatically captures the image and crops it to ensure no unnecessary ‘noise’ is surrounding the picture.

The image is then verified, and you are notified of any unsuccessful checks, regions, overall results, meta data, the photo and the signature

The facial comparison detects a face and asks the user to blink. The selfie and the document are then compared, and a percentage match rate (based on your thresholds) will be provided.

Key Benefits

Manual Document Verification

Manual document verification offers a global alternative to proof of identity and address compliance requirements to ensure minimum client drop off rates.

With every document reviewed by a highly trained fraud expert who checks more than just the template of the document – this service ensures that legitimate customers are approved.  

Key Benefits

Avoid Drop-Offs, Grow Your Customer Base

Remaining compliant whilst offering a streamlined onboarding journey can be a difficult task. Customers want the process to be as quick and as simple as possible so they can access your services without having to experience a lengthy process. At W2, we understand that the onboarding journey is an integral aspect of your customers’ experience and are committed to reducing drop-offs whilst ensuring you comply with regulatory requirements.

W2’s facial comparison element of the solution uses advanced liveness technology to avoid bots and fraudsters. All it takes is a selfie!

With a document library of over 6000 global documents and growing, you can be safe in the knowledge that wherever you want to identify and onboard customers globally, W2 can handle it.

Particularly powerful where traditional eKYC do not offer robust data coverage of the population, Document Verification can be used as an alternative and where transactions require additional compliance checks.

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Simple Integration, Expert Compliance Support

W2’s Document Verification solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your onboarding journey. Whether you need an SDK for mobile use or API for web use, integrating has never been easier.

But we don’t stop there, our 24/7 incident support team are always on hand to answer any queries you might have during the integration stage and will give you the tools needed to get the solution up and running in no time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Document verification is crucial for businesses and organizations to ensure the authenticity and validity of important documents. It helps prevent identity fraud, financial crimes, and other fraudulent activities. By verifying documents, companies can establish trust with their customers, partners, and employees, while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. At W2, we understand the significance of document verification and offer cutting-edge solutions that leverage advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to accurately verify documents and mitigate risks.

The document verification process at W2 is designed to be seamless and efficient. It involves several steps, including document submission, data extraction, and verification. Users can upload their documents securely through our platform or API. Our intelligent algorithms extract relevant information from the documents, such as personal details or identification numbers. We then cross-reference this data with trusted data sources, databases, or watchlists to verify its authenticity. The process is automated and ensures a high level of accuracy, enabling quick and reliable document verification.

The specific documents required for document verification may vary depending on the industry, jurisdiction, or purpose. Common documents typically include Government issued identification cards such as passports or driver’s licenses, proof of address such as utility bills or bank statements, and supporting documents for specific transactions such as bank statements or financial transactions. At W2, we offer flexible solutions that can accommodate over 4000 global document templates, ensuring comprehensive document verification for a wide range of business needs. 

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