Compliance for Crypto

Ensure the longevity and security of your business with W2’s leading regulatory compliance software.

The crypto industry over the past few years has skyrocketed in popularity but clear regulation has not followed. It is vital to your business that you use the right verification engine to screen and monitor your customers. With W2, you will remain compliant, avoid fines and suspensions by identifying fraudulent activity, and seamlessly onboard your customers.

All the compliance solutions you need

Designed to meet your current and future compliance needs whilst streamlining your customer journey. All whilst offering a robust solution to verify the identity of individuals across the globe.

Identify fraudsters with a range of best of breed solutions, designed to notify you of any fraudulent activity, avoiding revenue loss and fines. Particularly in the crypto arena, fraud prevention is at the forefront of importance to sound business activity.

Authenticate customers across the globe and experience a frictionless, faster onboarding journey. Keep customers engaged in a smooth end to end process and verify their identity in real-time, whilst offering a superior customer experience.

Criminals laundered $2.8 billion through crypto exchanges in 2019. Comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Directives with W2’s AML screening solutions whilst experiencing a true risk-based approach to AML and minimising the cost of achieving compliance.

What makes us different?

Onboarding your customers compliantly is just half of the battle. W2’s monitoring solution enables you to monitor current customers for any changes and custom alerts can be set to notify you of any change.

Ensure proactive detection of any fraudulent activity at the onboarding stage whilst identifying trustworthy customers, making your customer journey for legitimate customers a seamless experience.

Save time, money, and effort on legitimate customers by receiving results in real-time. Your compliance teams can then put their focus in the right areas for customers who need further authentication.

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A Platform Built to Scale with You

No matter how many customers you onboard daily, the W2 platform is built to handle those requests. Our solutions are built for real-time consumption, meaning that legitimate customers can be onboarded immediately, whilst those who need more verification still experience a seamless onboarding journey.

The Crypto industry is still experiencing high points and dips in trading, and therefore onboarding. The W2 platform will be able to handle however many customers you need to onboard, without impacting the quality of the journey.

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Compliance for Crypto

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